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About Rosie


I’m Rosie Addison – well, I guess “Rosemary” to be precise, but I only get called that by doctors & receptionists in their waiting rooms.  It plays out like this:

Receptionist:  “Rosemary, the doctor is ready for you”

*Birds chirping*

Receptionist:  “Rosemary?”


Receptionist:  “Rosemary…Addison?”


Me: “Addison…ahh that’s funny there’s another Addison?  Oh hang on…Rosemary?  Oh yeah, right…me………”  Usually followed by awkward laughter from myself and a dumbfounded look by the receptionist who can’t believe a person doesn’t quite know their own name.

You seem to say things like “eh?” – where are you from exactly?  (You weirdo.)

Auckland, New Zealand is where I lay my head.  It’s a beautiful, diverse city, it’s my hometown & where we choose to raise our two, little boys.  We have stunning beaches, some of the best coffee in the world & a great, big mix of cultures – I love that.

What’s your personality type?  I really want to know…………..

Well, those free, online personality tests (that are basically designed to gather email addresses for the sole purpose of sending information regarding genital-related products) tell me I’m a “people person”.  The last one I took told me I’m an ENFP if you really want to know.  We’re apparently enthusiastic, with warm hearts, plenty of ideas & the attention span of a goldfish.

Other ENFP’s include Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld & Muammar Gaddafi so…

What are some things you live by?

  • Panty hose are like Photoshop for your legs.  (<— So good you should click here to tweet that)
  • Experimentation is a brilliant thing and rules need to be challenged.  How would you know how good a jam and cheese sandwich would taste if you never experimented?
  • Doing your laundry a couple of times a week is totally acceptable – saves electricity in fact.  As long as you have enough underwear.
  • Speak your mind but pick your battles.
  • Enough with the kale already.  Brocolli is by far the champion of the Brassica Oleracea family.
  • And while we’re at it, “Cauliflower rice” does not taste like rice.  It tastes like cauliflower.  Furthermore, “Cauliflower Pizza Base” does not taste like Pizza base.  It tastes like cauliflower.  Anyone who comments “Oh it tastes just the same as normal pizza!” is not from this planet.  Also, instant coffee NEVER tastes like plunger or espresso.  Don’t suck up to those instant coffee companies by saying “Oh it tastes JUST like espresso!” in the hopes of getting some vouchers for free instant coffee.  JUST. STOP. IT.

I’m extra happy if my day includes:

The beach, tea, coffee, shiraz, food, cooking, cryptic crosswords, normal crosswords, music (eg. Modest Mouse, The Pixies, Beck, Queen, UNKLE…), movies, snuggling up with my man watching TV (faves include Breaking Bad, The Wire, Fargo, Curb Your Enthusiasm…) or snuggling up with my kids watching Transformers Prime, My Neighbour Totoro or Adventure Time.

If you can send one message to the world, what would it be:

You can do it!!

That niggling thing you’ve always wanted to do – give it a go!  Work towards it!

No, you won’t achieve overnight success.  No one does!  Sometimes it seems like people just pop up out of nowhere and become superstars – it’s simply untrue.  Well, the odd one-in-a-million type of thing may very well happen BUT The truth is those people who apparently come out of oblivion have tried and failed and tried and been rejected again and again – then an opportunity arises and they’re prepared for it.  Or sometimes it’s more of a steady plod rather than rejections – you should expect failures and rejections.  You should also expect success (if you’re doing the hard yards).

So get to work!   I find the old fashioned pen & paper is a great place to start.  Create a big, overview – dream big!  Then create lots of little action steps and get to it.

And you don’t have to have some noble pursuit OK?  You don’t have to become the Lady Mayor of Ending-World-Poverty-Town.  It’s all about doing what you love (sometimes CHEESY THINGS RING TRUE, people).  Whether it’s stamp collecting, modifying My Little Ponies or becoming CEO of some evil Bank.

And we should all have more parties!!!  We don’t have enough parties!!

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