I’m Rosie Addison – well, I guess “Rosemary” to be precise, but I only get called that by doctors & receptionists in their waiting rooms.

I’m from Auckland, in beautiful New Zealand.

I’m an artist, a “keytarist”, a mum of 2, a wine drinker, a cryptic crossword puzzler, a movie fan, a beach swimmer, a gig-goer.

I’ve been on the hunt for awesome women doing cool things. This may be fashion, décor, art & design, charity stuff, food – anything really.

The e-mag itself is quite simple, I go for visual content with text sprinkled through.   If you’re exclusively into amazing articles with award-winning essays, this mag isn’t for you I’m afraid!  (but if you want to chill and look and pretty pictures & read about some cool ladies, it definitely is)  I’m into imagery, so that’s what I’m focusing my efforts on.


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