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About Rosieteapot Magazine

Hello lovely!

You may have guessed already (!!) but my name’s Rosie & I’m the founder / creator here at Rosieteapot Magazine.  You can find out more about me personally, here.

I’ve been on the hunt for awesome women doing cool things. This may be fashion, décor, art & design, charity stuff, food – anything really. I want to inspire women through women to reach for the stars (as cheesy as that sounds).

The e-mag itself is quite simple, I go for visual content with text sprinkled through.   If you’re exclusively into amazing articles with award-winning essays, this mag isn’t for you I’m afraid!  (but if you want to chill and look and pretty pictures & read about some cool ladies, it definitely is)  I’m into imagery, so that’s what I’m focusing my efforts on.

Where did “Rosieteapot” come from?

Not many people know this, but my “Rosieteapot” brand itself started about 10 years ago when I created a Livejournal account with that username. At the time, it was just a cute name I coined as I was a huge tea-drinker and loved teapots. I’ve since deleted that whole account as it seemed a bit embarrassing last time I read it…

It was 4 years ago “Rosieteapot” resurfaced as a blog through blogger/blogspot. I began this when I was a single mum at home with my baby. Back then it was intended as a personal blog to chronicle attempts to start a business and explore enterprising.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve taught myself webdesign, photoshop, internet marketing, and I’ve studied many, many successful businesses to see what makes them tick.

I moved away from Rosieteapot as my second child took up a lot of my time (toddlers tend to do that!) then a couple of months ago, THIS happened:

This had a particular symbolic meaning for me as this was my original teapot I identified with that first Rosieteapot Livejournal account.

I looked at it and thought I really need to do something different with Rosieteapot this year.  The name hasn’t made sense as a blog about starting a business.  It would suit more of a magazine-type of thing… hmmmmm….

I decided to learn Indesign – which must be the easiest damn piece of software ever because in just one day I had the recipe section of the first edition 80% complete.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with this first issue and how grateful I am to the ladies who allowed me to showcase them.

If you’d like to read future issues for free, I need subscribers!

I’ll simply email you when a new issue comes out so you’re the first to see it.  I’ll probably include super special secret stuff in those emails too… muahaha.  Go on…sign up below!

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