It’s a Sparkly & Shiny 2016

Holy Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve given my website any love…

Believe it or not, I have a few things brewing away for Rosieteapot this year – which actually means getting rid of some other stuff I was doing.

Instead of making a New Years Resolution this year, I decided to make a New Years UNRESOLUTION.  I know – it sounds terrible.  Gag-worthy in fact.  But I did.

I decided to un-resolve some previous goals – for example a local e-mag I wanted to make (Jafa Living) and focus on this right here.  Because Rosieteapot Magazine is what I want to do.

Last year, I decided to stab lightening bolts into my wrists (well, a guy at the local tattoo studio did the stabbing).


Right wrist!

A photo posted by Rosie Addison (@therealrosieteapot) on

  The truth is I felt like I was losing my mojo.  I needed something to lift me out of my daily routine and remind me to be dynamic and seize the day.  

Left wrist! A photo posted by Rosie Addison (@therealrosieteapot) on


It actually worked, I managed to get back on the creativity train and do a little artwork.


And a few in this style:  


You may be able to tell I’ve just updated this website – I wanted something in more of a full-width layout.  Hopefully this does the trick!

I hope you’re settling into the New Year as well.  I have a good feeling about 2016.


**PS: If this is your first time, you should totally check out my free e-mag!

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