Mushy Peas!!

Mushy peas is yet another one of those recipes I just make up as I go along.

And yes I made a mushy peas GIF, watch it dance!

All you need is:

Peas (minted is great if you like the flavour)



*you could use Olive Oil but I prefer butter for flavour


Get a cup of frozen peas, cook them up (microwave will do)

Add butter (however much you can without feeling like you’re going to die of a heart attack any second – 50g?)

Salt (big rock salt is awesome)

Whizz up in a food processor/magic-bullet/ninja or smash with a potato masher

Serve with Breads, Chips, Roast Potatoes or as a “Pea Puree” underneath a lovely winter meat – if you want to be fancy.  It’s just mushy peas, people.

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