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Shop Tour: O.W.L – Objects We Love

It was a gloomy, stormy Saturday morning in Browns Bay (Auckland, New Zealand) – not a day you would fancy a shopping trip to be honest.   More of a day to curl up under a thick, blanket and eat some white chocolate brownies with a hot cup of tea.

Nevertheless, I had a few jobs to do around the house and it required a trip to the shops to grab some bits & bobs for hanging some artwork on my wall. (I’ll put the link up to that soon)

I was about to hurry back to the car when I noticed “O.W.L” and thought to myself ‘Why haven’t I ever been inside here?’ (Answer: My small children basically don’t let me look at anything and usually ends in me not enjoying the experience #realtalk)  So being childless that morning, I was free to explore. Continue Reading Shop Tour: O.W.L – Objects We Love

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Local Shop Tour: My Eclectic Zone (MEZ)

Victoria Park Market has had a bit of a revamp recently (a $20,000,000 revamp to be precise.)

But here’s another bloody good reason to visit:  My Eclectic Zone, also known as MEZ.  If you want some unique pieces for your home, this is where you need to come.

It all started when Richard and Matt were traveling around Asia and spotted this rather large, rather beautiful “Wave Lamp”.   It was too heavy to justify bringing it home with him on the plane – so he figured he may as well buy a few of them, fill a shipping container up with more beautiful and eclectic pieces, and open a boutique.   (As you do!!!)  Business partner, Raktim, who is on the cutting edge of high fashion and luxury culture, came on board and brought his passion for design and sense of style.  My Eclectic Zone was born. Continue Reading Local Shop Tour: My Eclectic Zone (MEZ)

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A few holiday pics for you

Well, I’ve been a naughty, neglectful blogger/e-mag editor.  For good reason though – my toddler demanded too much attention at the end of the year and while I tried to manage being stay-at-home mum AND hobby, online magazine editor, something had to give.  Time is opening up this year though, so (knock-on-wood)

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few snaps from the rustic holiday home we stayed at last month.

Let’s start upstairs… one word:  Bold!

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