Putting Yourself Out There

Well it’s nearly here!  One day to go.  This is what I’m hoping people will say one day:

I was wondering what to write for my very first blog post on my new Rosieteapot website.  There’s this aspect where I’m aware most people visiting won’t have any idea who I am, so it seems like perhaps I should share a little bit more of myself.  I just had the thought I could share part of an email I just wrote to Becs, from Born Again Creations (featured in this month’s issue of Rosieteapot).

Becs has just begun to realise her dream as a Freelance Writer and we were discussing just how hard it is to put yourself out there.  We have both been blogging for years now, and I’m sure other bloggers can relate to this sentiment.  In the interests of honesty and putting myself out there, here’s part of what I wrote:

“I always second-guess myself – not sure if you noticed but on my website there, there’s that image on the left with “Read it Here” which has the cat on it?  I thought it would be cute to put a funny cat face there but debated with myself ‘Will other people just think I’m being dumb?'”  [I wish I chose my words better but in the interests of an honest blog post I’ll keep that in!!]


“Then concluded if I like it, then that’s what counts.  I even mentally debated the image with the chevron zig-zags in the middle.  I LOVE chevron, but am aware it’s been a trend for a while and don’t want others to think I’m jumping on the chevron bandwagon…Stupid thoughts eh?  If I like it, that’s all that matters!  If people buy into the Rosieteapot brand, they buy into my personality, so I need to keep my personality out there.


What I’m excited about is the fact all this – the magazine & website – has been INCREDIBLY EASY for me to put together and I’ve loved every minute of it!  It’s been so fun and I truly think I’ve found exactly what I want to do.  If I can do something I enjoy and inspire people through other people, then I’m sure I’ll have some incredibly satisfying days ahead!


I guess I just spent so many years being put down  – a person used to tell me I was: “unattractive”, “boring”, “shy”, “a loner”, “weird”, “stupid”…  It was a huge realization when I discovered I was actually quite clever and that people like me, haha 🙂  It’s a conscious decision for me to embrace my gifts, I truly believe life’s too short to worry about what others think about you.


So when I’m starting to second guess myself with cat faces and chevron, I need to tell myself to shut up and tell myself that being me is OK. haha”

Let me ask you my dear reader, where do you feel you lack confidence?  Do you have anything you’re really wanting to action at the moment but you’re a little bit scared?