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A few holiday pics for you

Well, I’ve been a naughty, neglectful blogger/e-mag editor.  For good reason though – my toddler demanded too much attention at the end of the year and while I tried to manage being stay-at-home mum AND hobby, online magazine editor, something had to give.  Time is opening up this year though, so (knock-on-wood)

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few snaps from the rustic holiday home we stayed at last month.

Let’s start upstairs… one word:  Bold!


Cool colours for a beach house really…

Head back downstairs to the main floor and we have a lovely, humble kitchen:

Perfect floors for a beach house – trek in with half the beach on your feet and sweep up the sand easily…

The corrugated iron in the bathroom matches the cladding on the outside of the house.

You can sort of see the cladding here – the Barn doors were my favourite aspect of the house.  Perfect for a rustic getaway!


 I love outdoor fires…

Strolled down to the beach every day…

There was this cool playground about 20 minutes away too:

OK that’s all from me now but you’ll hear from me again lots this year.  If you’re a Southern Hemisphere gal like me, I hope you’re enjoying your summer!  And if you’re North of the equator, I hope winter is treating you well.

Love Rosie


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