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Putting Yourself Out There

Well it’s nearly here!  One day to go.  This is what I’m hoping people will say one day:

I was wondering what to write for my very first blog post on my new Rosieteapot website.  There’s this aspect where I’m aware most people visiting won’t have any idea who I am, so it seems like perhaps I should share a little bit more of myself.  I just had the thought I could share part of an email I just wrote to Becs, from Born Again Creations (featured in this month’s issue of Rosieteapot).

Becs has just begun to realise her dream as a Freelance Writer and we were discussing just how hard it is to put yourself out there.  We have both been blogging for years now, and I’m sure other bloggers can relate to this sentiment.  In the interests of honesty and putting myself out there, here’s part of what I wrote:
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