Author: rosieteapot

Quirky Indeed! Gorgeous, Colourful interiors

I have stumbled upon Quirk & Rescue!  AKA Ms Pink and Mr Black.

Follow them on instagram for an account that packs a colour PUNCH smack bang in your face.  Click any image to be taken to their account.

What do you think?  Amazing?  Too much?   Want me to feature your instagram account?  Let me know!

Cauliflower “Rice” Pilaf

Call me crazy but I’m not a fan of Cauliflower Rice to be honest with you – ONLY because it’s not rice.  I just love rice so much that when someone says “OMG it’s JUST LIKE RICE” I picture this person who has been dieting so long they’ve gone insane.  It’s not like rice lady, you’re just in some major denial. Read more