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RECAP: The Gorgeous Interiors in Rosieteapot Issues 1,2 & 3

I am so grateful to these women for letting us into their home.  I thought it would be quite cool to go over the homes for the last three issues of Rosieteapot as a reminder to my current readers to bookmark these women & to serve as a taster to future readers!

Charley Taylor of The Charley girl was the first interior featured in the magazine, the first person interviewed AND the first cover.  I love her eclectic taste and how she arranges her special & quirky treasures.

Here is a taste of a few of the images featured in Issue 1 of Rosieteapot Magazine: Read more

Rosieteapot Issue 3 – Come & Get it!

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This issue is full of gorgeous homes & interesting women!  We take a home tour of Dana’s house from House*Tweaking, Aileen’s lovely home from “At Home In Love” and Jenna’s super cute, retro apartment from “Circus of Cakes“.  And get ready for a Color-Bomb – it’s Flannery from “The Fashion Tweaker“!  If you love vintage shenanigans, you’ll love the gals at Two Lippy Ladies and we check out the sweeter side of life with Kelly from A Side of Sweet .  Our Artist, Lindsey Louise of Hello Mr Rabbit, brings a whole lot of whimsy to the table, and we check out what Nepal is like with my friend, Sarah Natac.  Oh, and a few of my recipes as per usual.  This issue is jam-packed full of goodies!

Now, I just learned that I used a few photos of Lindsey from Kait Dowling Photography – I love her Cosplay photos in particular!   Very cool.