Crepes – Yum! Just like mum used to make

 These are my Rosieteapot Crêpes as the recipe I followed didn’t cut it at all, I just kept having to add milk and eggs!


1 1/2 Cups of Flour (standard)
1 3/4 Cups of Milk
2 Eggs
A little butter


Let’s not be heroes people, just chuck it all in your blender and go for it!  (Worked sweet for me in the magic bullet.)

Pour into your hot, non-stick frying pan, turning the pan so the batter coats the pan evenly

Wait a minute or 2 until you see little bubbles in the batter and the top appears set

Run your spatula around the edges and…..FLIP!  (don’t worry if it takes a few goes to get it right – I gave my first fails to the kids, they didn’t mind)

Cook the other side, pop onto your plate & serve with any of these things:

Lemon & brown sugar (a classic), Berries, Banana, Maple Syrup, Honey, Jam, Icing Sugar…

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