Cupcakes, Geisha’s & Coffee – OH MY!

I actually created these fun, cupcakes / mini-muffins last year.   At the time, I just felt like making something colourful for the kids.  (“Geisha’s” in the title refers to the fabric I used as the tablecloth)

And you know what?  I could pretend that I made them from scratch, but to be honest, I just realised I used a cupcake mix at the time!!   Go on, judge me!!  MUAHAHA  (<– evil laughter)

Why do we get so hung up on doing things “properly”, hmm?  That’s a bit silly.

But what I DID do, is divide the mixture into 3 bowls, add a few drops of food colouring, then spoon them into the mini muffin trays, as per the photos.

So I’m not actually posting this as a recipe, more as encouragement to create & make fun stuff that makes you happy!!  Well, AND to demonstrate this technique to inject a bit of colour into your cooking xxx


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