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WOW – it’s been a long time coming but hold onto your hats ladies – it’s ISSUE 4!!!

Are you ready for some Fashion?  Some Style?  Some different styles of ART?  Well, you are in for a TREAT my friends!

We start with the fabulous Kristia from My Repeat Offender, then head on over to Melbourne for an interview with Megan & Miriam from Mimi + Myrtle.  You’ll be inspired to live a little from the AMAZING Mary from Uncustomary Art and my good friend Tammy showcases her GORGEOUS artwork for you all to drool over.  On top of this, there’s a sweet little interview with new-mum Cholae and a bit of random artsy building photos from me.  Just because.

You may note the absence of my recipes at the back – had a little glitch when working on those but never fear!  They will be back.


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