Running out of lunch ideas? Try these!

Thought I’d share a few lunches I’ve snapped for you:

Let’s start with a simple Greek Salad:  Cucumber, Feta, Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, baby spinach leaves and for a twist:  Mango!  (Boom!)

Do you ever add mango to your salads?  It’s a bit of a Christmas family tradition for me, my fabulous Aunty Margaret creates an amazing green salad with Mango every year – the whole family agrees she sets the benchmark.  (Should also add, down here in New Zealand we enjoy a Summer Christmas – green salads are a must!)

Here I simply drizzled some high quality balsamic vinegar, but you can use whatever dressing you have on hand.  Easy, healthy & delish!



The other day we went to the Zoo as a family, and I don’t know about you, but I always try my best to prepare our lunch if we’re going out for a trip.

For the kids I just assembled some Pita Pockets with Chocolate spread & Sliced Banana – I dubbed them “Chockie ‘Nana Pockies” (the 2 year old calls Banana’s ‘Nana’s’ if you’re wondering).  Even though I made this for the kids, I think it would be a great pre or post exercise meal!  Keep those batteries CHARGED girl!

For us, I sliced & grilled Sausages IN THE SANDWICH PRESS (I fancy myself a bit of a badass, food-hacker) with rocket, mango again, beetroot, a little feta & balsamic dressing.

And I came across some random sandwich toppings I photographed a while ago.  I’m a bit random really, just throw together whatever’s around!

From left to right:  Mushy Peas (see Issue 2 of my mag), ham & cheddar, ham & gherkin, roasted capsicum spread, ham & piccalilli (relish / chow-chow)

And I mixed it up a little more…

And then there’s this household staple for the kids: Ham & Cheese sammie, sliced apple & raisins.  Keep it Simple!


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