RECAP: The Gorgeous Interiors in Rosieteapot Issues 1,2 & 3

I am so grateful to these women for letting us into their home.  I thought it would be quite cool to go over the homes for the last three issues of Rosieteapot as a reminder to my current readers to bookmark these women & to serve as a taster to future readers!

Charley Taylor of The Charley girl was the first interior featured in the magazine, the first person interviewed AND the first cover.  I love her eclectic taste and how she arranges her special & quirky treasures.

Here is a taste of a few of the images featured in Issue 1 of Rosieteapot Magazine:


These triangle shelves are so cool!

Be sure to visit The Charley Girl for more interior goodness & awesome photography.  She’s super cool!

Next, I interviewed Nicole from The Felted Fox more for the Fashion aspect, but she does share crafts which features her beautiful, chic interior as well.  Here’s a sampler:

You can view more of Nicole’s blog HERE, it’s absolutely gorgeous and she is always so on trend.  Read her interview in Issue 1 over here (free)

In Issue 2, Hello Lidys beautiful living room graced the cover.  Lidy & Joel create amazing spaces – they mix modern furniture with mid-century pieces and vintage finds.  The result is a home you just want to snuggle up into and read a good book.  Be sure to bookmark their website and view the interview over here in Issue 2.


Issue 3 was jam-packed full of awesome spaces!  I featured three homes this time around, the first being House*Tweaking with Dana (which was the cover + Jenna’s cat from Circus of Cakes photoshopped in, haha).   If you’re renovating your home or thinking about renovating in future, you DEFINITELY NEED to bookmark her website.  Here are a few images from the magazine (As always, read the full interview HERE).

Like it?  Check out House*Tweaking & read the full interview in Issue 3.

Next was the very, very sweet Aileen from At Home in Love!  Ahh, she’s such a sweetie, definitely have a soft spot for her.

Aileen is dedicated to spotting new trends, colour palettes & she’s brilliant at curating images into handy posts.  Do check out At Home in Love and see the full interview in Issue 3.

And finally, we viewed the cute apartment of Elvis Fanatic, Jenna, from Circus of Cakes.

Jenna’s blog has such a fun vibe, you should totally check out her photos of her trip to Graceland while you’re there.

So there we go!  3 Issues of Rosieteapot complete now, 7 ladies with cool interiors so far!  A few other women featured for other things have cool interiors as well, such as Tattooed Martha & The Fashion Tweaker

Be sure to pin any images you find inspiring so you can revisit ideas & definitely check out the women you find cool.  I’m following all of them!

I’ll do a Fashion Round-up next time 😉  Be sure to Subscribe to the magazine below (for free) if you haven’t already.  Full of style goodness and cool women!